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Alice Stuart:
Can't find no heaven

Allen Shadow:
King Kong Serenade

Andy Collins :
Lake St Serenade

Andy Gorwell:

Archie Edwards:
The Toronto Sessions Volume 1

Preaching Blues

Bakelite Radio:
Volume 3

Bayou Brothers:
Swamp Stomping Blues

Bondi Cigars:
12 Lies

Carey and Lurrie Bell:
Second Nature

Cath Butler's Joynt Verture
Dangerous Desires

Charlie Musselwhite:

Chris O'Connor:
Things are Looking Up

Colin John Band:
Acousticland Lady

Colin Linden:
Sad & Beautiful World

Colin Linden:
Easin' back to Tennessee

Corrina Steel:


The Long Ride Home


Don Morrison & Elmores:
Resonator Country

Don Morrison:
Random Notes

Cyndi Boste:
Scrambled Eggs

Dougie Clements:
Standing on the corner

Eight Ball Aitken
"Behind the 8 Ball

Ernie Payne:
Coercion Street

Gordon Tentrees Band:
29 Loads of freight

Way Down Deep Inside

Harry Manx with Kevin Breit:

Harry Manx:
Wise and Otherwise

Henry Correy and the Correydors
Prisoner of Desires

Jen Cloher
In Blood Memory

Jen Cloher & Endless Sea:
Dead Wood Falls

Jen Cloher:
Permanent Marker

Jen Kraatz:

Jessie Mae Hemphill & friends:
Dare you to do it again

Joe Camilleri and Nicky Bomba:
" Limestone"
Johnnie Johnson:
“ Johnnie Be Eighty and Still Bad!”

John Lee Hooker Jr Blues Band:
Blues with a Vengeance

Jolie Holland:

Late Bloomers:
Sneakin' in the Back Door

Lyn August:
Creole People

Mark Lemhouse:
Big Lonesome Radio

The Foundling

Mavis Staples:
Have a little Faith

Mia Dyson:
Parking Lots

Molten Mike:

Molten Mike:
Blues Meltdown, Genuine Bluesman, The Movie.
  Nawlins Never Speaks
Modern Sounds of Loiusiana

Nick Charles:
Travelling Fingerpicker

Kiss your blues away

Otis Taylor:
White African

Paul Kelly and The Stormwaterboys " Foggy Highway"

Pieta Brown
Shimmer   2009  

Pieta Brown
Remember the Sun 2007

Penelope Swales:
Monkey Comfort
  Pete "Big Dog"Fetters:
South From Detroit City

Peter Gelling:

Bound to ride

Ray Vanderby Hammond Trio:
Mockingbird Blues

Renee Geyer:

Robert Cray Band:
Time will tell

Robert Cray:

Rod Piazza:
For the chosen who

Rosco Gordon :
No Dark in America

Sam McClain:
One More Bridge To Cross

Steve James:
Fast Texas

Steve Tallis and the Holy Ghosts:
" Loko"

Stew Moss:
The Plum

Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers
"Rhythm and Blues"

Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers
"Double Voodoo Blues"

Taxi Chain :
Smarten Up

Terrance Simien:
The Tribute Sessions

The Bayou Brothers:
Swamp Stomping Blues

Toni Lynn Washington:
Been So Long.

The Velvedenes
Carpet Bombs

Crazy at Night

William Lee Ellis:

Willie Lomax Blues Review:
Best Blues Money Can Buy

"Wind already blown

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The Pilgrim
Here is a travelling troubadour whose raspy voice and slide guitar generate an engaging, earthy and energetic brand of roots rock. Take the pilgrimage with me to where contemporary blues shines brightly! Yes it's Owen Cambell on his album The Pilgrim.
Featured in Podcas 186:
Caught this guy's show at Norwood Live in June 2013. Mezmerising! Make sure you catch him next time he comes to town.
Jen Cloher CD
What performance enhancing stuff is she on? If you feel like tapping into some edgy raw rock energy then this 7 track delight is the way to go. . Read more.
Youri Blow
Corridor? Walk down this passage way and you will sense  the playing of Charlie Patton, John Hurt and Gary Davis. Along the way you will also be initiated into the milieu of Youri Blow. It is European, French, Mongolian, primal  and cosmic!. Read more.
Don Morrison. 'Random Notes'.
All Hail the Larrikin Troubadour Laureate of Adelaide! As if Don Morrison hadn’t already nailed the job with his past efforts both live & recorded.  Now he tops it all with Random Notes more of Lone Tony Joe's review of this album ( which SARB claims is a landmark recording ...a cornerstone at the foundation of SA roots music!)
The Foundling
Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers. 'Double Voodoo Blues'.
( Black Market Music ).
 Double Voodoo Blues! The double? It's Sweet Baby James and Rob Eyers! Voodoo? I've heard these two playing together for some years now and I do believe they have indulged in some underground religious practice that has enabled them to be musically joined at the hip! Blues? It's raw, intimate and mesmerising!
Pieta Brown – Shimmer   2009
Hauntingly minimal ...almost a warm sleepy fireside mood to it.
The Foundling
"The Foundling". Mary Gauthier.
 Gauthier, the troubled troubadour states  "too many songs about happiness leave me sad, lonely and depressed". Well a measures dose of songs about being sad, lonely and depressed can be strangely uplifting!
Cow: The Long Ride Home
 There is an ache in the songs that can only come after experiencing life’s tricky turns and detours...
CAL WILLIAMS JR. "Morning Star".
Cal has drawn upon some rich folk and roots music sources to construct an eclectic mix of breezy songs and evocative instrumentals all employing his excellent acoustic and slide guitar playing.

'Better Times Will Come' is a new album from Diana Jones, one of the most acclaimed voices on the Roots scene. It features Diana's concise, economical words along with her hymn-like melodies, so simple and so sturdy, and the keening sound of her drawling alto.

"My Sister's Shoes" Kate Meehan, Skip Landy and Peter Gelling.
Read review by Stuart Knowles and view video clip of title song from the album.

Jimmy Nalls
"No Stranger to the blues".

Accompany NY acoustic instrumentalist Kaki King on this whispery, dreamy and ethereal journey on her album "Dreaming of revenge".

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