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Kara Grainger. Grand and Green River. On My Way
(Featuring Amos Lee)

Kara Grainger. Grand and Green River.
"There's a whole lot of Bonnie Raitt in songs on Grand and Green River. Grainger's alternately throaty and honeyed voice floats over a slickly produced bed of bluesy accompaniment."
The Tennessean

Imagine this artist: classic songwriting skills, smooth sultry vocals, and the ability to whip up a storm with a fiery slide guitar. Very few can boast this set of trump cards, but it just happens to be the hand dealt to Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist Kara Grainger, who exhibits an effortlessly seductive and modern take on roots, blues and soul music. After nearly 2 years in the United States, Kara Grainger is returning to Australia to release her debut album Grand And Green River which will be released through Inertia on May 24th. The album, which was recorded in Los Angeles with producer David Kalish (Rickie Lee Jones, Ben Harper) and Barrie Maguire (Amos Lee) at the helm, showcases a stunning line up of some of America!s most celebrated musicians - blues/jazz guitarist Eric Johnson, Reggie McBride (Stevie Wonder, John Lee Hooker), Jeff Young (Jackson Browne, Sting) Richie Hayward (Little Feat), Arnold McCuller (James Taylor), and Grammy Award winning pianist Joel Guzman (Los Lobos). The album includes a duet with Blue Note artist Amos Lee with whom she toured nationally in 2007. On My Way (Featuring Amos Lee)

"Amos is a very special person, incredibly gifted in melody and lyric writing. He was finishing his session at Redstar recording studios and overheard a track we were working on entitled On My Way. He has a great love for blues and soul, as with most people who come from the Philadelphia music scene and being a musician at heart he was thrilled to be part of the Song. Although it was not written as a duo, no lyrics needed to be changed and it still came out feeling very natural. On My Way can be interpreted as making your way back to the one you love after traveling all over the world or on a more spiritual side it just means that no matter where I travel I'm just on my way to that home in the sky."
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