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Mia Dyson: "Parking Lots"
MGM cat#BDR015
This is the kind of mix I warm to. It has a dynamic and immediate quality about it as well as a lay back subtlety. What is generated is an exhilarating, intimate and engaging sound filled with rich roots and blues rhythms.

Track 6: "Rivers Wide"
Terrance Simien "The Tribute Sessions"
Simien honours his zydeco mentors and masters. Part of the Louisiana Music Series from AIM.

Track 3: Les Barres De La Prison
Corrina Steele: Wayward
Available: Shock records
" Wayward" a surprisingly well crafted and mature debut album from Corrina Steele. I say "surprising" because "Wayward" has hit us "out of the blue" with its wealth of creative song writing and haunting well produced sounds. ...someone has been taking lessons from Daniel Lanois.

Corrina Steele: Wayward
Track 1: Blessed Child
Jolie Holland: Escodida
Anti Records 86692. 2004
Roots, Americana, jazz, blues, Appalachian folk can all be detected but don’t adequately fit this rare orchid. It’s minimalist, stark, cool & contemporary really. These are all are mere flavourings, the overall taste is fresh & new. Genre devotees will detect enough to satisfy while enjoying this palette reviver.  

Jolie Holland : Escodida
"Gimme that ol' fashion morphine"

Colin John Band: Acousticland Lady
Track 3: O.I.L.

Taxichain: Smarten Up
Track 1: Memphis 
Gordie Tentrees Band:29 Loads of freight
A taste of some northern musical energy nurtured in the wilds of Yukon, Canada. What is that howl? Is it a lone wolf from the Canadian backwoods? No! Its a raw load freight coming at you courtesy of The Gordon Tentrees Band. Watch out!

Gordie Tentrees Band
Track 3: 29 loads of Freight
All tracks by permission of Artist and or Distributor.
If you like the sample track on offer then BUY THE CD!

Jesse Mae Hempill:
Dare you to do it again
Track 3: Nobody's fault but mine
In sponsoring this recording, the Jessie Mae Hemphill Foundation has sought to find an enduring solution for those artists no longer receiving sufficient compensation for their prior musical contributions. The album will give renewed voice to a truly beloved artist, reestablishing her name in the public domain to the benefit of all North Mississippi hill country blues artists. All donations given to the foundation are tax deductible under the organization's 501 (c)(3) status. You may donate by sending a check or money order payable to the Jessie mae Hemphill foundation. Thanks.
Jessie Mae Hemphill Foundation
POB 271
Clarksdale, MS 38614

Nick Charles. Travelling Fingerpicker
Track 8: Travelling Fingerpicker

Renee Geyer "Tonight"
ABC Music
This is Geyer's 21st album and judging by its energy, vitality and diversity she has got many more to deliver!

Track 1: "I'm evil tonigh"
Olga: Kiss your blues away
219 records TNR 1005.
Here is a fascinating blend of roots, blues and jazz. Olga has a vocal style that is smooth, understated, articulate, clear and somber. Her rhythms are steady, swampy, layback, mellow and rootsy. Electric guitar, bass, drums and the occasional lap steel guitar, acoustic guitar and mandolin work together to produce a sound that is immediately accessible and richly textured enough to demand further listening

Olga: Kiss your blues away
Track 1: Kiss your blues away
Lloyd Spiegel: Tall Stories
Available: New Market Music
The young Melbourne bluesman comes of age as a song writer in "Tall Stories"! He has penned some blues gems about lonliness and isolation. Have a listen to Lloyd Spiegel's "Tall Stories" ...and sometimes true! His mood might be introspective but his caresses on electric and acoustic guitars are outward and engaging. This is a CD that is well worth indulging in. Catch James Rootsey at New Market Music and secure yourself a copy.

Lloyd Spiegel: Tall Stories
Track1: Blues Leave Me Alone
Chris White: From the Sacred to the Profane
Available: Blackmarket Music
" From the Sacred to the Profane" is the debut solo release from Melbourne bluesman Chris White. His CD is a series of vignettes that invite you on a journey from the sacredness of John Hurt's "Beula Land" to the profanity of Tampa Red's "Let me play with your poodle". SA Roots 'n Blues highlights one of the 4 tunes penned by Chris ... we have gone for the profane and selected track 5 "crop duster blues". The double entendre is not dead! Baby let me dust your crop!

Chris White: From the Sacred to the Profane
Track 5: Crop Duster Blues
Cropduster Blues won song of the year at the 2004 Victorian Blues Music Awards. It was a joint winner with Lloyd Spiegel's Dyin' Slow.
Harper: Way Down Deep Inside
Track 2: Way Down Deep Inside
Gareth Hedges "Sweetest that I know"
Track 15: Sweetest that I know
Steve James. "Fast Texas".
Track 5: Freestone Country Blues
Stew Moss "The Plum".
Track 3: St James Infirmary
Chris O'Connor "Things are Looking Up".
Track 1: Walking my troubles away
The Others "Hit The Wall"
Track 1: Hit The wall
Rod Piazza and The Mighty Flyers"For the chosen who"
Track 6 "She makes my blood run cold"
Jan Preston: Wild mood swing
Track 10: 2nd hand car blues
Cyndi Boste: "Scrambled Eggs"
Track 3: Ride
The Detonators "Bombshell"
Track 2 "Crazy Heart" (J maloney/Detonators)
Jen Elliot: "The Secret's Out"
Track 4: Love crazy
Late Bloomers "Sneakin' in the Back Door"
Track 1: "Sneakin' in the Back Door"
Willie Lomax Blues Review
Track 1: Ransacked
Sweet Baby James Trio "More like this"
Track 7: Ten Dollars
Ernie Payne "Coercion Street"
Track 4: Listen To The Blues Grow
JW Jones Blues Band "My kind of evil"
Track 9: Blue Monday
William Lee Ellis: "Conqueroo"
Track 6: "Northern Lights"
Glamour Puss "Wire & Wood"
Track 7: Wire and wood
Andy Gorwell: Uprooted
Track 5: Old Friend Blues
Little Jenny& The Blue Beans: Live!
Track 1: Neighbour
Radiotones. "Bound to Ride"
Track 9: Good Friend Blues
John and The Sisters
Track 10: Faithful
Scotty and The Soultones
Track 1: Soultones Groove
Penelope Swales: Monkey Comfort
CD2 Track 5: 20 Summers
Toni Lynn Washington. "Been So Long"
Track 4: Back Water Blues