Jen Cloher - In Blood Memory

"As you read this I am probably still playing track 2 from Jen Cloher's latest album. I can't get the song's refrain out of my head! What a hook! If that doesn't get you in then the grunge infused guitar crescendos certainly will. We all have certain expectations when we approach a new album by an artist that we are familiar with. I was anticipating more of an alt. country and rootsy outing by Jen ...but wow! What performance enhancing stuff is she on? If you feel like tapping into some edgy raw rock energy then this 7 track delight is the way to go. Vocals at times are recited rather than sang. Vocals at times have a Patti Smith and Lou Read intonation to them. Vocals at times are submerged by rich layers of tempo changing  electric guitar riffs. The down side is this album has me licking my lips for more. What's worse is that I will have to wait until November when Jen comes to Adelaide such that I can experience this energy LIVE. Excuse me while I just go and put my CD player on repeat for track 2".
David Stoeckel