Introducing JD, resident blues scholar here at SARB for this academic year. In this, his initial presentation he gives an interesting insight into the roots classic 'CC Rider'. Thanks goes to JD for allowing SARB to video his lecture. This is an abridged version ...unfortunately we couldn't include his diatribe on 'See See Rider' and 'Easy Rider'.

Press PLAY to view JD's 'musical medley' on the roots classic 'CC Rider'.
See See Rider see what you done done …you made me love you …now your man done gone …lyrics from a song recorded by Ma Rainey way back in 1925. Davis Coen has released his latest CD entitled 'Blues Lights For Yours And Mine'. It includes his version of the song 'CC Rider' and it features in Podcast 78. It comes your way in August.

... then press PLAY to hear JD's historical background on the song 'CC Rider'.
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