On a very pleasant Womadelaide Saturday afternoon Harper gave us a set of 10 or so numbers. He alternated between Didgeridoo and harmonica. Included were a couple of dedications, "Ordinary Guy" to our PM and "Does anyone Really Care" to the stolen generation. The crowd was in relaxed mode at first but by the time Harper hit us with "Glass on the stepping stone" many of "The Earth Bretheren" were on their feet and dancing at the front of the stage. His backing group was excellent. Jacob Cook on drums, Chris Mawer on bass and a great lead guitarist whose name I missed.
Bob the Punter for SA Roots and Blues

HARPER gets "Down To The Rhythm"
SA Roots and Blues chats with Harper on the verge of his Womadelaide appearance.

SARB. Last time Adelaidians caught Harper was at The Gov ...when you stole the show from The Proclaimers! This time round we'll have the opportunity to catch you at Womadelaide. 2 performances, one on Saturday ( Stage 3 @ 5.00pm) the other Sunday ( Stage 5 @ 6.45pm) ...what can audiences expect from Harper in Womadelaide mode?
H. I have written alot more material this time round & I now play the didgeridoo. The inclusion of the didge has given my music a truly Australian take on the roots music genre. Combined with the harp, it creates a very unique sound.

SARB. Seems that if there is a big festival and a large crowd ...you'll find Harper! I've often wondered how performers find the big out door gigs? You certainly rise to the challenge!
H. There is something very special about a big festival crowd. Their positive energy makes you want to be the very best you can be. It is much easier to perform to thousands than to a small crowd. Also a festival crowd are there because they love music & they want to be entertained.

SARB. Exciting news about the deal with Blind Pig Records. Care to give us some background on it?
H. My Manager Bobbi Llewellyn had been talking to the guys from Blind Pig Records for a few years. If I had been an American artist I think I would have been signed some time ago. The big problem was to get the A & R people to a show. Thankfully Bobbi got the Edward Chemelewski to our show at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco in September. Edward really dug the show & asked for my latest demo. Thankfully I had recorded a 7 song demo in my own studio back in Melbourne before we started the tour. A few weeks later I was offered a deal. It was really quick.

SARB. A new CD in the pipeline ...due for release in May?
H. Yes Ive recorded a new CD called "Down To The Rhythm" & it is due to be released in the US on May 24. Im not sure when it will come out in Australia. But those interested can check out www.blindpigrecords.com or the Australian distributor www.onlybluesmusic.com

SARB. "Way down deep inside" had a personal intensity about it ...and lyrically it had some potent social comments. Material for the new CD? ...care to throw a bit of light on it?
H. I always write about what is happening in our world. The war in Iraq, is a huge issue. Losing someone you love in war, political lies and so on. But I never preach, I write stories. I also wrote a song about the beauty of Australia. There are many topics covered. Its meant to be a journey.

SARB. Adelaide has some notorious harp players out there ...should they be seeking out "Bushman Harmonicas"?
H. The Bushmans are very sturdy instruments, they can handle hard and fast playing. Perfect for the touring muso who needs a harp that will last. They also have a great tone. Ive played all the major brands, & the bushmans suit me the best. Check them out www.bushmanmusic.com

SARB. 7. Look forward to catching your gigs at Womadelaide ...does your move to The States mean that we will have less opportunities of seeing you?
H. I will still come back for short tours. I will come back for the big festivals and a few club dates cause I just can't stay away from this wonderful country of ours!!!

Harper's upcoming appearances: www.harper.biz
Harper downloads: http://www.disclogic.com
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