'Better Times Will Come' Diana Jones.

'Better Times Will Come' is a new album from Diana Jones, one of the most acclaimed voices on the Roots scene. It features Diana's concise, economical words along with her hymn-like melodies, so simple and so sturdy, and the keening sound of her drawling alto.
Diana Jones had released two finely crafted albums in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until she released “My Remembrance of You” in 2006 that she found her own voice and broke out of the singer-songwriter pack to emerge as a major figure in Americana music. She had discovered a connection, both biological and artistic, to the sounds of old-time Appalachia, unleashing her private muse and creating a record that landed on best-of-the-year lists in the Chicago Tribune and the Nashville Scene.
One of her songs, “Henry Russell's Last Words,” has been recorded by Joan Baez, while another, “If I Had a Gun," has been recorded by Gretchen Peters. Diana’s own versions of those songs can be heard on her new album, “Better Times Will Come," an ambitious effort that consolidates and extends the leap forward of the preceding record.
Diana’s fellow singer-songwriters certainly recognize the quality of her new work. Mary Gauthier, Nanci Griffith and Betty Elders add vocals to the project, and the Old Crow Medicine Show’s Ketch Secor adds fiddle. The acoustic string-band arrangements, anchored by fiddler Alicia Jo Rabins, bassist Paul Kochanski and multi-instrumentalist Duke Levine, are deceptively simple, for their restraint reveals the haunting originality of the melodies and the understated skill of the performances. This reflects the deceptive simplicity of the lyrics, which tell their stories with the hypnotic repetition and plain speech of old mountain song.*

Track Listing
1. Better Times Will Come
2. All God's Children
3. If I Had A Gun
4. Henry Russell's Last Words
5. Soldier Girl
6. Cracked And Broken
7. Ballad Of The Poor Child
8. Oh Appalachia
9. Evangelina
10. Something Crossed Over
11. The Day I Die 'Better Times Will Come' available soon at:
PRPCD043 Proper Records
Au Distrib: http://www.theplanetcompany.com
SARB dedicates this song to those impacted by the dreadful bushfires that devastated much of Victoria. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to those who lost loved ones. We thought the emotional nuances of Diane Jone's voice and her song about sorrow and salvation would make a fitting tribute.

We hope that out of the ashes ...better times will come.