SA Roots and Blues

Kevin Welch 'Marysville'.
with Kieran Kane and Fats Kaplin at 'Norwood Live' 26th Feb 2008.

Nashville singer-songwriter Kevin Welch has written a heartfelt tribute song called Marysville after hearing that some of the victims of Queensland's recent floods had donated their relief cheques to Victorian fire victims. After initially writing about fire and flood victims, he decided to focus on the mountain town. Coincidentally, he had recently started writing a song with the line: "just came back from Maryville". "When I heard the news about the town of Marysville it rang a little bell and maybe that's one of the reasons I decided to concentrate on that particular community. I'm usually a little leery of writing that sort of thing, especially in the face of the real sadness of the real victims, as I'm a distant observer and not that qualified to comment meaningfully. It's all I knew to do I guess." *