Ed Kuepper Live at The Gov' July 2005
Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener
Thurs July 7th The Gov' 2005
With consul set to overload and mikes mounted in front of speakers an ominous electrical storm was brewing. Enter Herr Kuepper bathed in magenta back light and resplendent in orange crush velvet shirt complete with cuffs cascading over his weapon of choice. With mock zebra skin guitar strap adjusted, through bleary eyes he took aim and unleashed volley after volley of feedback frenzy fueled by distortion ladened riffs and restless driving rhythms! With ears ringing and faculties mesmerized all one could do was succumb ...and be swept along by the laconic creative energy of Herr Kuepper ...who was masterfully aided and abetted in his performance by Herr Wegener on assault percussion!