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Podcasts from 2008

Welcome to the archive of past podcasts from www.sablues.org. On this page you will find the podcasts from 20011. Enjoy.
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About SARB Podcasts.
Jerome Douvendahns presents 2  podcasts each month:
'Blues Time' draws its play list from acoustic and electric blues.
'The Roots and Blues Hour' presents a selection from the genres of roots, alt. country, progressive folk and alt. rock. Each podcast highlights new releases from their respective genres. Per month we averaged over 2000 downloads for each of our podcasts and that is just from our server!
Each new podcast is made available to subscribers for downloading. Check the 'Subscribers' page for new postings. Our podcasts give you a taste of some of the exciting and diverse roots and blues CDs currently on offer. It is hoped that this taste prompts you to make some purchases, whether it's from your local record store or online. Remember a little bit of that money trickles thro' to the musicians!
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2008 Podcast 86 back to 66
Alannah Myles
Podcast 86. December's edition of 'The Roots and Blues Hour'.
Here is a rich selection of earthy roots and blues music to sustain you over the xmas break. After an eight year hiatus Canadian Alannah Myles has re-emerged with an album called Black Velvet. Opening Podcast 86 is her song 'Trouble' a track with a course irregular blues thread running though it! Following that is an energising mix of new roots rock from Canadian and US alt. country musicians many of whom would not see the light of day 'downunder' if it wasn't for the exposure offered by the SARB Podcasts! Fill ya boots!
1 Alannah Myles - Black Velvet - Trouble.
2 Austin Collins - Roses Are Black - House Without Windows
3 Murray McLauchlan - Songs from the street - Hard Rock Town.
4 Backyard Tire Fire - The Places We Lived - Welcome to the factory.
5 The Low Anthem - Oh My God Charlie Darwin - Champion Angel.
6 Chuckanut Drive - Fidelity Grange - When the Workin's Done.
7 5440 - Northern soul - Northern Soul.
8 Hang Jones - The Ballad of Carlsbad County - Alive.
9 Nathan Bell - Traitorland - Six long years.
10 Annabelle Chvostek - Resilience - Seven Years.
11 Catherine MacLellan - Church Bell Blues - Too Easy.
12 Mare Wakefield - Ironwood - Together alone.
13 Adam Klein - Western Tales & Trails - Hank's Woman.
14 Tony Penn - The Quicken - Can't Stop The Tears.
15 The Duhks - Fast Paced World - Mighty storm.
16 Stephen Fearing - Yellowjacket - Goodnight Moon.
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Christina Crofts
Podcast 85 December's edition of 'Blues Time'
It’s time to put aside those fears and woes of a world wide recession and indulge in some uplifting and therapeutic blues! Blues therapy in this podcast will be kindly administered by 8 Ball Aitken, a rebel with a cause! Also Luis Coloma whose nimble fingers will hammer out some grand boogie on a grand piano. We also feature Christina Crofts, a blues diva from Sydney whose fingers will certainly delight as they slide up and down her fender stratacaster. We thought it was time to unleash slide guitar demon Ted Drozdowski AKA Scissormen as well as inundate you with some raw to the bone blues from Finland courtesy of Jo Bubby and Down Home King III.
In this podcast Jerome Douvendahns also presents his TOP 7 BLUES ALBUMS of 2008 drawn from all of those presented in this year’s Blues Time Podcasts.
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Rosie Burgess
Podcast 84. November's edition of 'The Roots and Blues Hour'.
Podcast 84 opens with a track by Frankie Miller, a great Scottish great rhythm 'n' blues singer who suffered a massive brain heamorage while in New York in August of 1994. He has shown remarkable courage to claw his way slowly back to health, after spending 15 months in hospital. His album Long Way Home was released in 2006. Its tracks were all recorded between 1991 and 1997 and feature Joe Walsh on guitar.
1 Frankie Miller - Long way home - Baton Rouge
2 Rosie Burgess - Wait for the world - Strangelove
3 Joe Camilleri - Bakelite Radio Vol 4 - Don't Judge Me Too Hard
4 Taj Mahal - Maestro - Further on Down the Road
5 Todd Snider - Peace queer - Fortunate Son.
6 Seasick Steve -  I Started Out with Nothin and I Still Got Most of it Left
7 Austin Collins - Roses Are Black - 11 Months
8 Lee Miles - Heathen Blux -  Peasant Blues
9 Calexico - Carried to Dust - Victor Jara's Hands
10 Dave Boutette - Boomtown and Candidate - Candidate
11 Kate Campbell - Blues and lamentations - Free world
12 Magnolia Electric Company - Lonesome valley
13 Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue - Jack Killed Mom
14 Lucinda Williams - Little Honey - It's a long way to the top
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Duration: 64.11

Podcast 83 November's edition of 'Blues Time'
I know how some of you out there like your blues to be on the heavy, electric, dark and metallic side well get a loadof the opening track from Gravelroad! Session player, producer and sound engineer Peter Gelling has collaborated with vocalist Kate Meehan and pianist Skip Landy on their album called My sister’s shoes. We present the title track, it makes for some compelling listening.
1 Gravelroad - Shot the devil - Call my name.
2 Fontain Brown - Tales from the fence line - Fence line.
3 Kate, Skip and Peter Gelling - My Sisters Shoes - My sisters shoes.
4 Moreland and Arbuckle - 1861 - See my jumper hangin out on the line.
5 Paul Reddick - Sugar Bird - Wishing Song.
6 Othar Turner and The Afrossippi Allstars - From Senegal To Senatobia - Station Blues.
7 Rory Block - Blues Walkin Like A Man - Downhearted Blues.
8 Seasick Steve - I Started Out with Nothin and I Still Got Most of it Left - My Youth.
9 C W Stoneking - Jungle Blues - Jungle Blues.
10 Indiana Phoenix - Laugh at the devil - Laugh at the devil.
11 Andrea Marr - Little sister got soul - I prefer you.
12 Fontain Brown - Tales from the fence line - Aint no breakman.
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Christian Connor
Podcast 82.October's edition of 'The Roots and Blues Hour'.
We open by venturing over to Sweden to enter certain house. Beware downloaders because lurking in this house is the roaring pulsing onslaught of a Scandinavian psych-country band called Hyacinth House. Welcome to Crow's Country!
1 Hyacinth House - Black crows' country - Black crows' country
2 Don Chambers & Goat - Zebulon - Falling off the edges of the world
3 Elliott Brood - Mountain meadows - Garden river
4 The Sacred Shakers - John the Revelator
5 Rosie Burgess - Wait for the world - Best dress
6 Connor Christian - 90 Proof Lullabies - It's alright
7 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Going up the country
8 Star Anna and The Crooked Path - Live EP - Push it through
9 Rodney Crowell - Sex and gasoline
10 Ry Cooder - I Flathead - Ridin' with the blues
11 Howe Gelb - Sno Angel Like You - Chore of enchantment
12 Joan as Policewoman - To Survive - To Survive
13 Cassandra Wilson - Lovely - Dust My Broom
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Duration: 62.53

Liz Mandeville
Podcast 81 October's edition of 'Blues Time'
What better way of opening a podcast than with some blues with a piercing and potent horn section. Blowing up an 'ice storm' and accompanying guitarist Scott Ellison are The Dukes of Soul Horns followed by ( more horns please) The Memphis Horns with a soul classic that will have you singing along and gyrating ( not recommended for all those earphoned commuters out there! ) Have a listen to Liz Manderville and Betty Lavette ...are they horny or what!?
1 Scott Ellison - Ice Storm - Where do you stand with me.
2 The Memphis Horns - Have Mercy Sessions - Sad song.
3 Joe Louis Walker - Witness To The Blues - Got What You Need.
4 Liz Mandeville - Red Top - Dog no more.
5 Chris James And Patrick Rynn - Stop And Think About It - Early One Morning.
6 Maria Muldaur - Yes We Can - War.
7 Bettye Lavette - The Scene Of The Crime - Take me like I am.
8 Tab Benoit - Night Train- Darkness.
9 Bo Ramsey - Stranger Blues - Hate To See You Go.
10 Buddy Guy - Skin Deep - Skin Deep.
11 William Elliott Whitmore - Song Of The Blackbird - Rest his soul.
12 Liz Mandeville - Red Top - Hold me.
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Duration: 62.32

NQ Arbuckle
Podcast 80. September's edition of 'The Roots and Blues Hour'.
We are a couple of weeks late with this podcast I know …our esteemed producer has been on holidays and all production ground to a halt during his absence… but we are back with another fine selection of roots and blues music. Banks might be crashing on wall street but don't let that inhibit your spending! Here are some new releases that you will be motivated to add to your audio collection.
1 NQ Arbuckle - X O K - Ontario Michigan.
2 Jackson Cage - Jackson Cage - Taste the Moon.
3 Carrie Rodreguez - She Aint Me - Mask Of Moses.
4 Chris Knight - Heart Of Stone - Homesick Gypsy.
5 Amos Lee -  Last Days At The Lodge - Street corner preacher.
6 Donna the Buffalo - Silverlined - Meant To Be.
7 JJ Grey and Mofro - Orange Blossoms - Everything good is bad.
8 Lynne Hanson - Eleven Months - Eleven Months.
9 John Mellencamp - Life Death Love and Freedom - Troubled land.
10 Alejandro Escovedo - Real Animal - People We are Only Gonna Live So Long.
11 Eliza Gilkyson - Beautiful World - Emerald Street.
12 Patty Larkin - Watch the sky - Hollywood.
13 Over the Rhine - Snow Angel - We are gonna pull through.
14 Scott Holt -  Revelator - Civil War.
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Duration: 66.58

Patty Larkin
Podcast 79. August's edition of "The Roots and Blues Hour".
If you've always pigeon holed folk and electronica as polar opposites, then Computer Vs. Banjo will make you rethink everything you thought about both. Hatched in the musical crucible of Nashville, by Songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Johnny Mann and Beau Stapleton this genre-bending duo fuses fingerpicking folk with experimental programmed beats and in the process create an interesting hybrid.
1 Computer vs Banjo - Computer vs Banjo - Give up on Ghosts.
2 Manda - Keeps On Turning - Keeps On Turning.
3 Damien Jurado - Caught In The Trees - Best Dress.
4 Sera Cahoone - Only as the Day Is Long - The colder the air.
5 Alejandro Escovedo - Real Animal - Sensitive Boys.
6 Liz Tormes - Limelight - Read my mind.
7 Patty Larkin - Watch the sky - Cover me.
8 Carrie Rodriguez - Seven Angels On A Bicycle - 50s French Movie.
9 Blackie and the Rodeo Kings  - Let’s Frolic again - Theres no one like you
10 Kathleen Haskard - Dont tell - Second star
11 Malcolm Holcombe - Gamblin House - Goin downtown.
12 Star Anna - Crooked Path - Space beneath the door.
13 Paul Evans - Agua Noir - The Screamin Hollar Inn.
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Duration: 65.43

Carla Olsen
Podcast 78 August's edition of "Blues Time"
A wealth of new blues releases for you to have a listen to, opening with the gritty voice and bottle neck guitarplaying of Davis Coen with his interpretation of  Blind Lemon’s  'Jack of Diamonds'.
1 Davis Coen - Blues Lights For Yours And Mine - Jack Of Diamonds
2 Sonny Landreth - From The Reach - Storm Of Worry.
3 Jimmy Nails - Ain't No Stranger - The Voo Doo In You.
4 Malcolm Holcombe - Gamblin' House - My ol' radio.
5 Watermelon Slim and The Workers - No Paid Holidays - And When I Die.
6 Roddy Gordon - Love and Blues - Cold Coffee.
7 Carla Olsen - Dark Horses - Number One Is To Survive.
8 Janiva Magness - What Love Will Do -  I Dont Want You On My Mind.
9 Magda Piskorczyk - Magda  - Walking Blues.
10 Eli Paperboy Reed - Roll With You - Am I Wasting My Time
11 Pete Scheips Band - Back on the Blues Train - Back on the Train.
12 Delta Moon - Clear Blue Flame - Jessie Mae
13 Davis Coen - Blues Lights For Yours And Mine - C C Rider.
...to whet your appetite view the video trailer!
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Duration: 68.57

Star Anna
Podcast 77. July's edition of "The Roots and Blues Hour".
Dirtmusic a musical collaboration that has brought together three musicians Chris Eckman, Hugo Race and Chris Brokaw. Their self proclaimed dirt music beautifully evokes the stark atmosphere and potent spaces of alt country. Podcast 77 opens with a track from their self titled debut album. Star Anna born in a small rural town in Washington state and raised on a staple diet of rock and blues music. Her song writing has evolved thro punk and rock into an engaging folk, acoustic, and alt. country style. Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs have just released their debut album and we feature the opening track.
1 Dirtmusic - Dirtmusic - Face of evil.
2 Star Anna - Crooked Path - If wishes were horses.
3 Ray Bonneville - Goin by feel - Run Jolee run.
4 Eliza Gilkyson - Beautiful World - Runaway Train.
5 Kathleen Haskard - Dont tell - Dont tell.
6 The Yearlings - Highway Dancing - Take me dancing.
7 Devon Sproule - Upstate Songs - Should Have Been Snow.
8 Carrie Rodriguez - 7 Angels On A Bicycle - 7 Angels On A Bicycle.
9 Abigail Washburn - Abigail Washburn and The Sparrow Quartet - Captain. 10 Bonnie Prince Billy - Lie Down In The Light - Where is the Puzzle.
11 Colin Linden - Big Mouth - Wrong side of the bed.
12 Aimee Mann - Smiles -Freeway.
SSize 50.0 MB (52,518,461 bytes).
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Duration 62.24

Painting by Earl Klatzel
Podcast 76 July's edition of "Blues Time"
It's a "lonesome road" blues special in which we hit the roa! Hope your shoes ain't got no holes 'cause we've got a fair way to travel in this podcast. No journey is too long with good company and the good company for this road trip is ...
1 Little Axe - Crossroads.
2 Bob Brozman - The Lonesome Road.
3 John Lee Hooker - Hit The Road.
4 Elmore James - Standing At The Crossroads.
5 Howlin' Wolf - Ain't Goin' Down That Dirt Road.
6 Muddy Waters - - Lonesome Road Blues.
7 Bo Diddley - Road Runner.
8 Bo Diddley - Story of Bo Diddley.
9 Chuck Berry - Down the Road Apiece.
10 RL Burnside - Out on the Road.
11 Angia Mae Hinton - Going Down This Road.
12 Charles Caldwell - Down the Road of Love.
13 J.B. Lenoir - Mississippi Road.
14 Rory Block - Cross Road Blues.
15 Janiva Magness - Bury Him at the Crossroads
16 Katie Melua - Piece by Piece - On the Road Again.
17 Marcia Ball. Down the Road.
18 Bela Fleck - Roadhouse Blues. 
Size: 47.6 MB (49,936,809 bytes)
Quality: MP3 PRO VBR 95-150
Duration: 63.16

You have heard the podcast now see the video! Yes Jerome stars on Youtube! Catch Jerome as he introduces podcast 76. It co-stars Bob Brozman and John Lee Hooker.
Kara Grainger
June's edition of "The Roots and Blues Hour" features new releases from artists that have a distinct country roots leaning.
1. The Yearlings - Highway Dancing - Highway dancing
2 Kara Grainger - Grand And Green River - The Sky Is Falling
3 The Harmonators - Here and Now -Girl like me
4 Carlene Carter - Stronger - Stronger
5 Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson - Rattlin' Bones - Rattlin' bones
6 Blackie and the Rodeo Kings  - Sometimes it comes easy
7 The Jones Street Boys - Overcome - Last Time
8 The Everybodyfields - Nothing is okay - Wasted Time
9 Boris McCutcheon & The Saltlicks - Bad road, Good people - Peace with the pines
10 Krista Detor - Cover Their Eyes  - Robert Johnson Has Left Mississippi
11 EilenJewell - Boundary County – BoundaryCounty
12 Catherine MacLellan - Church Bell Blues - Too Easy
13 Bill Frisell - Good Dog, Happy Man - My Buffalo Girl
The Detonators
June's edition of "BLUES TIME".
The Detonators and Harry Manx are performing in Adelaide in June. They feature in Podcast 74 along with some jump blues from Thelonius James and country blues from Jorma Kaukonen, Chris Thomas King and Jo Anne Kelly.
Track Listing:
1 Detonators - Top Night Out -  EH Leatherette.
2 Thelonius James - The Sunland Chronicles - Step on the gas.
3 Grant Walmsley - Grant Walmsley's Agents of Peace – Cannonball.
4 Nine below zero - Hat's off - Talk to my baby.
5 Mac Arnold and Plate Full Of Blues - Backbone and Gristle - Love and Relations.
6 Steve Winwood - Nine Lives - Dirty City.
7 Harry Manx And Friends - Live At Glenn Gould Studio - Voodoo Child.
8 Jorma Kaukonen - Stars In My Crown - Come Back Baby.
9 Chris Thomas King – Red Mud Sessions - Sinking Feeling.
10 Jo Anne Kelly & Stefan Grossman - Hard Time Killin’ Floor.
11 Van Morrison & John Lee Hooker - Together - I Cover The Waterfront.
12 Van Morrison - Keep it simple - Don't Go To Nightclubs Anymore.
Daniel Lanois
May's edition of "The Roots and Blues Hour". 
Podcast 73 features a host of new releases to engage in! From Cow, roaming the alt country spaces of South Australia into Fred Eaglesmith's Bible belt heartland and through the ethereal spaces of Daniel Lanois, this is a captivating mix of roots music presented by Jerome Douvendahns.
1 Cow - Sunset Posse  - Lament
2 Mick Pealing - Grand Hotel - Junkyard mind
3 Annie Keating - Belmont - On the Road By
4 Starlight Gospel Singers - Got good religion
5 Fred Eaglesmith - Tinderbox - Get on your knees
6 Michelle Shocked - To Heaven U Ride - Uncloudy Day
7 James McMurtry - Just us kids - Just us kids
8 Bo Ramsey - Fragile - Tell me now
9 Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago - Skinny Love
10 Julie Doiron - Woke Myself Up – I woke myself up
11 Kaki King - Dreaming of Revenge - Pull Me Out Alive
12 The Chapin Sisters - - Lake Bottom - Kill Me Now
13 Daniel Llanois -  Here is what is - Where will I be
14 Tony Joe White - The Path of a Decent Groove - Up in Arkansas
Grant Walmsley
Podcast 72. "The Roots and Blues Hour"
Features 6 new releases and some live blues and roots.
1 Honeyboy Edwards - Roamin' and Ramblin' - Maxwell Street Shuffle
2 Grant Walmsley - Agents of Peace - Wand dang doodle
3 Backsliders – Live – Blacktop Road
4 Fats Wah Wah - Live - Commit a crime
5 Chris Finnen Band – Electric – Li’l Wing
6 Van Morrison - Keep it simple BBC Live- How can a poor boy
7 Lucinda and Elvis - CMT Crossroads Live - Changed The Locks
8 Eliza Gilkyson - St. David's Episcopal Church - Easy Rider
9 Robby Gordon - Love and Blues - McPherson's Rant
10 Tangle Eye - Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed -  Hangman
11 Marcia Ball -  Peace, Love & BBQ - Miracle In Knoxville
12 The Blue Seeds - The Blue Seeds - Words From A Fairytale
Podcast 72. "The Roots and Blues Hour"
podcast 71 Paul Thorn
Podcast 71
Paul Thorn, son of a Pentecostal preacher man and a former professional boxer, furniture factory worker and skydiver opens Podcast 71 with the title track from his latest album.
1 Paul Thorn - A Long Way from Tupelo - A Long Way From Tupelo.
2 Jeff Dernlan - Cobblestone - Close to the bone.
3 A.J. Roach - Revelation - Clinch River blues.
4 Chris Knight - The Trailer Tapes - Spike Driving Blues.
5 Eileen Rose  - At Our Tables - 20 Shoes.
6 Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunday At Devil Dirt.
7 The Whipsaws  - Ten Day Bender - Petersville.
8 American Mars - Western Sides – Democracity.
9 Tim Gearan - No Remedy - The Last Time.
10 Timesbold -  Ill seen ill sung - When I come around.
11 Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers - Asking For Flowers.
12 Caroline Herring - Lantana - Song for Fay.
13 Chatham County Line - IV - I Got Worry.
14 Jeff Dernlan - Cobblestone – World of sin.
Size: 50.9 MB (53,402,459 bytes)
Quality: MP3 PRO VBR 95-150
Duration: 63.51 min
Betty Harris
Podcast 70
April's edition of Blues Time featues Betty Harris.
"Is it hot in here! …or is it me? When I stand next to you it feels like 300 degrees!"
Betty Harris serves up some sizzling sensuous soul music on her latest album "Intuition". Born in Orlando Florida, raised in Alabama and now residing in Atlanta Georgia and coming out of retirement …that's Betty Harris. Intuition is distributed by Blind Raccoon records and it is an album that brings Betty Harris back into the limelight!
Download Podcast 70

A "Midnight Special" for insomniacs.
1 Buddy Guy - Baddest and best of Buddy Guy - Midnight Train .
2 Flatlanders - Wheels of fortune - Midnight Train.
3 Delta Moon - Howlin’ - Midnight Train.
4 Patti Smith - 12 - Midnight rider.
5 Tony Joe White - Uncovered - Taking the midnight train.
6 William Elliott Whitmore - Ashes to dust - Midnight.
7 John Cambell - Howling Mercy - Ain't Afraid of Midnight.
8 Rita Chiarelli - Breakfast at midnight - Midnight in Berlin.
9 Tab Benoit - Power of the Pochartrain - Midnight and Lonesome.
10 JJ Cale - Live - After midnight
11 Blind Willie McTell - Atlanta 12 string - Blues Around Midnight.
12 Nellie Florence - Roll and Tumble Blues - Midnight Weeping Blues.
13 Howlin' Wolf - Chess Box set - Moanin' at Midnight.
14 Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Sessions revisited - Walking After Midnight.
Podcast 69. The Roots and Blues Hour
Jon Dee Graham
Podcast 68 "Roots and Blues Hour"
This Roots and Blues Hour presents songs with a macabre solemnity, songs that smack of hard old times, songs that are ...downright chilling.
1 Whip - Blues for losers - Gainin' ground.
2 Gurf Morlix - Diamonds to Dust - Food, Water, Shelter and Love.
3 Jon Dee Graham - Full - Tie a knot.
4 Chris Knight - Enough Rope - Rural Route.
5 The Bean Pickers Union - Potlatch - Photograph.
6 Drive-by Truckers - Brighter than creation's dark - That man I shot.
7 Emily Barker - Photos. Fires. Fables - This is how it's meant to be.
8 Shannon McNally - Geronimo - Miracle mile.
9 Tift Merrit - Another country - Broken.
10 Emily Jane White - Dark Undercoat - Bessie Smith.
11 Curtis Eller - American Circus - Taking up serpents again.
12 Marc Cohn - Join the parade - If I were an angel.
13 Ryan Bingham - Mescalito - Sunshine.
Podcast 68. The Roots and Blues Hour
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Podcast 67. Feb's Edition of "Blues Time".
Jerome Douvendahns opens this podcast with some raw passionate hill country blues from North Mississippi followed by some R&B, Piedmont Blues, Electric Blues and Gospel. Have a look at this for a playlist!:
1 Charles Caldwell - Remember me - Hadn't I Been Good to You.
2 North Mississippi Allstars - Hernando - Shake.
3 John-Alex Mason - Town and Country - Locomotive.
4 Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights - Nobody's Baby.
5 Janiva Magness - Use What You Got - Find A Fool.
6 Beaucoup Blue - Hearts At Home -2005 - On my way.
7 Doug McLeod - Where I Been - Take Your Leave Of Me Baby.
8 Ernie Payne - Coercion Street - Listen to the Blues Grow.
9 C.W. Stoneking - Mississippi & Piedmont Blues 1927-1941 - Dryspell Blues.
10 Steve James - Art and Grit - Blues Widow.
11 Dr Charlie - Dr Charlie DVD - Worried life blues.
12 Dave Fiels - Times a wastin -You dont know.
13 Blind Boys of Alabama - Down in New Orleans - You Better Mind.
13 Blind Boys of Alabama - Down in New Orleans - Uncloudy Day.
Theme music by Cal Williams, Beaucoup Blue and James Wheeler.
Podcast 676. The Roots and Blues Hour
Podcast 66Emily Jane White
Podcast 66. The Roots and Blues Hour
1 Romi Mayes - Sweet somethin' steady - Eight more days.
2 Emily Jane White - Dark Undercoat - Sleeping dead.
3 Son Volt - Afterglow 61 EP - Afterglow 61.
4 Solal - The Moonshine Sessions - The academy of trust.
5 Drive-by Truckers - Brighter Than Creation's Dark - You And Your Crystal Meth.
6 Adrian Kosky - The High Side Of The Low End - The High Side Of The Low.
7 Blanche - Little Amber Bottles - I'm sure of it.
9 Magnolia Electric Co. - Sojourner - Hammer down.
10 Eliza Gilkyson - Hard Times in Babylon - Twisted.
11 Pieta Brown - In the Cool - In the Cool.
12 Stephen Fretwell - Man on the roof - Sleep.
13 Po' girl - Home to you - Skies of Grey.
14 Richard Shindell - South of Delia - Acadian Driftwood.
15 Romi Mayes - Sweet somethin' steady - Desperately.
Podcast 66. The Roots and Blues Hour

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