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September 2017's BLUES TIME

Podcast 284 from
1 Jason Buie* - Driftin' Heart - Government Man.
2 Wily Bo Walker and Danny Flam - Did I Forget.
3 Simon Kinny-Lewis - Catfish - Baby How Long.
4 Jimmie Bratcher - This is Blues Country - Honky Tonk Blues.
5 Nancy Wright - Playdate - Good Loving Daddy.
6 Gregg Allman - Southern Blood - My Only True Friend.
7 Eilen Jewell - Down Hearted Blues - I'm A Little Mixed Up.
8 Valerie June - Pushin' Against A Stone - Workin' Woman Blues.
9 Kings & Associates - Tales Of A Rich Girl - Tales Of A Rich Girl.
10 Mick Kidd with Dave Blight - Menu of Sin - Deja Vu Blues.
11 Cal Williams Jr & Kory Horwood - Winter Dove - I Can't Get Well No More.
12 Keith Hall Blues Band - The Thrill - The Thrill.
13 Nikko & Snooks - Nikko & Snooks - Darker days.
14 Thirty Two Twenty - Walk the Talk.
15 The Wildcat O'Halloran Band - Hot Pulldown - 4. 51 Right 49 Wrong.
16 Steely Dan - Aja - Josie.

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The Roots and Blues Hour
Podcast 284. Septt 2017's edition of BLUES TIME
featuring Nancy Wright
Podcast 275
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'The Roots and Blues Hour'
Once a month Jerome Douvendahns presents a rich mature selection from the genres of roots, alt. country, blues, folk and indie alt. rock. Each podcast highlights new and recent releases from these genres. Podcast duration is about an hour.
Thanks to the musicians, promoters and distributors who have allowed us to present their music.