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Feb 2018's BLUES TIME

1 Henry Thomas - Bull Doze Blues.
2 Canned Heat - Going Up the Country.
3 The Blazers - East Side Soul - Going Up the Country
4 Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers - Big Road - Kakomo Me Baby.
5 Carl Verheyen - Essential Blues - Stealing Gasoline.
6 Downchild Blues Band - Something I've Done - Mississippi Woman, Mississauga Man.
7 Black Cat Road* - Black Cat Road - Coal Mine.
8 Kev Spencer - ... For Reasons Unknown - Let's Get Down.
9 Neil Hawker - South by East - Wild Bill.
10 Crystal Shawanda - VooDoo Woman - Cry Out For More.
11 Blind Lemon Jefferson - See That My Grave is Kept Clean
12 Peter Parcek - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
13 Anna Scionti - Long Legged Woman.
14 Arkansas Dave - On My Way.
15 Los Skeletone Blues – The Best of The Early Years - I want to be with you.
16 Lazer Lloyd - Freedom's Child - Blessed Man.
17 Tommy Emmanuel - Accomplice One - Deep River Blues.
18 Mr Airplane Man - I Believe.
19 RB Stone - Some Call It Freedom - Won't Stop Rockin'.
20 Buster Brown - Fannie Mae.
21 Ilya Portnov - StrongBrew - Behind The Wall.
22 TG Copperfield - The Worried Man - Black Horse.

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The Roots and Blues Hour

Podcast 295 from
Featuring ...

Crystal Shawanda from "VooDoo Woman"

Neil Hawker from "South by East"

As the Australia Day debate heats up, has stepped into the firing line of The Greens and those from the outraged Left who are demanding a change. On Thurs 17th Jan announced its plans for a podcast of Australia roots and blues music to be played on January 26th. When questioned on the issue, podcaster Mr Douvendahns stated that the podcast should not be seen as a celebration but rather a commemoration. He went on to say

“We are on about roots and blues. It’s about presenting a playlist that acknowledges the adversity of the 162,000 convicts transported to the Great South Land from 1788 to 1850. 162,000! It is also about respecting Australia’s indigenous heritage and acknowledging the hardship they suffered as well. Not only that, think of the many who have migrated to Australia over the years and the trepidation they must have experienced. When reflecting on all this hardship and misery the best remedy is music, songs that communicate the hopes, sorrows and convictions of ordinary everyday people.”

When pressed on the implications of such a podcast, producer Mr Stoeckel seemed resigned to any ensuing controversy.

“We’ll see wont we! Be interesting to see how our subscribers respond. Will we get more or less than our regular 4,000 downloads a month for this podcast? I’ll let you know. What I don’t really expect is our FaceBook page to be inundated with a whole lot of hate mail. Now that would be a storm in a teacup!”

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'The Roots and Blues Hour'
Once a month Jerome Douvendahns presents a rich mature selection from the genres of roots, alt. country, blues, folk and indie alt. rock. Each podcast highlights new and recent releases from these genres. Podcast duration is about an hour.
Thanks to the musicians, promoters and distributors who have allowed us to present their music.