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Welcome to the archive of past podcasts from www.sablues.org.
On this page you will find some of the very early podcasts from 2006 back to 2005.
A couple have gone missing! We are still looking. The audio quality in some of the early podcasts is a bit primitive but there is some great listening to be had so it is certainly worth the download.
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www.sablues.org presents all the

www.sablues.org presents all the
www.sablues.org PODCAST PLAYER

About SARB Podcasts.
Jerome Douvendahns presents 2  podcasts each month:
'Blues Time' draws its play list from acoustic and electric blues.
'The Roots and Blues Hour' presents a selection from the genres of roots, alt. country, progressive folk and alt. rock. Each podcast highlights new releases from their respective genres. Per month we averaged over 2000 downloads for each of our podcasts and that is just from our server!
Each new podcast is made available to subscribers for downloading. Check the 'Subscribers' page for new postings. Our podcasts give you a taste of some of the exciting and diverse roots and blues CDs currently on offer. It is hoped that this taste prompts you to make some purchases, whether it's from your local record store or online. Remember a little bit of that money trickles thro' to the musicians!
'SA Roots and Blues' is a non profit organisation. Our aim is to promote roots and blues music to an ever increasing patronage. Our thanks goes to those musicians, promoters and distributors who have kindly allowed us to present their music to our subscribers. We hope this added exposure benefits the musicians in some way ...and as a subscriber, this is where your responsibility starts!
Podcasts from www.sablues.org